Saturday, 31 March 2012

Last day in Beijing

Sorry for the late post.Because I was busy&went to my school Chinese Society Camp.Ok I took just a few photo in the last day of my trip to Beijing.Early in the morning,we are rushing to the 'Tian An Men'.After checkout,we went to Tian Jin by bullet train.I didn't take photo in Tian Jin because there don't have any tourist attraction expect shopping street.

Here some photos from 'Tian An Men',Beijing!!
Jacket : Giodarno(From Beijing)
Jean : Chorus Jeans
Boot : I've no idea what's the brand of my boot.
(From Beijing)
Sunglass : P&Co

The one who wearing black jacket is my mum&the red one
is my aunty!!

Hehe...this is my family members!!

I've posted all the photos from Beijing,China.Hope you will like it.
Thanks for reading!!!

Natalie Coco

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

3rd day in Beijing

3rd day in Beijing quite relaxing,we did not rush to anywhere.We were enjoying in the town of Beijing. Almost 11am we went to 'Yu He Yuan'.In the evening about 3pm we went to 'Xiu Shui Jie' where you can shop for your shirts,jacket,bags&many more.After shopping we went to 'Qian Men' for our dinner!!

Here the look for 3rd day in Beijing...

                                                          Jacket : g.u (from Japan)
                                                          Jeans  : Chorus Jeans
                                                          Shoes : Timberland
                                                          Bag    : Next Door (from Japan)

We took a photo of our new boots in front of the 'Qian Men'!! the look of 3rd day in Beijing.Haha...actually i forgot to took photo at de 'Xiu Shui Jie' leh because i just remember shopping only la.

Stay tuned for my next post ya!!!

Natalie Coco:)

Monday, 19 March 2012

2nd day in Beijing

My mum&me....

Ok i know this photo i look fat&look like pregnant.actually i'm not pregnanting la just
because of the weather is too cold&i need to wear many shirts la.
My cute cousin Ah Wei!!!
Olympic 2008(Bird Nest,Beijing)

水立纺(sorry i have no idea how to write the word but the pinyin is right one)

Hey this is my look on the 2nd day in Beijing.I went to Great Wall,
Bird Nest&'Shui Li Fang'.

Red Jacket :g.u(from japan)
Jeans :Chorus Jeans
Shoes :Timbeland

Erm...wait for my next post ya!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Wow...finally exam is over!!It's time for holiday...After 6hours of suffering journey finally reach at Tianjin Bing Hai International Airport cuz i'm sitting with 2 noisy China man&some of the Indian talk loudly& palying around in the flight.Wth....omg...

Day 1
We went to 故宫.There were crowded although it is monday.

                                                        Jacket : Pimkie(from Spain)
                                                        Jeans : Chorus Jeans
                                                        Bag   : Longchamp
                                                        Shoes : Timberland
                                                       Sunglasses : P&Co

                                                            My cousin& my daddy

My mummy,aunty&me!!

Hohoho.....this is the 1st day in Beijing.So stay tuned for the 2nd day in Beijing ya!!!