Saturday, 29 December 2012

Australia Day 1

Hey...I know it's quite a long time i didn't update my blog.I'm really sorry about it.I'm being busy after my birthday party because I need to prepare for my SPM.After SPM,'s holiday!!I went to Melbourne&Sydney with my family.Yeah...I love Australia so much.It's a lovely place.
I'm going to show u some of the pictures during the first day in Melbourne.

We woke up early in the morning&head to Philip Island.During the journey,we went to wineyard.I have forgot what's the name of the wineyard.(Ooopsss....sorry).You can taste some wine there& we have bought 2 bottle of white wine.It taste great.You should try it.Later we went to Cowes beach.Oh it's a beautiful beach.I think you will definitely love it!!
 My mum

Beautiful right??(haha...)
 After visited the beautiful beach&it's time for lunch.We went to a restaurant(Best Tourist Attraction) forgot what's the name.(hehe...)At there you can do fishing,they will help you to cook your fish or you can take it home or you just order their food which caught by their fisherman.We just order their food&do not fish because it's expensive!!

After lunch,we went to a chocolate factory.As you can see from the picture the high heel shoes& the penguin is made from chocolate.(100%)

Later we headed to The Nobbies.It's really a beautiful place!!Dont know how to tell you.Because it's hard to express.You know??During the night, we went to witness the penguin parade!!We cannot take any photo at the penguin parade because de flash of the camera will hurt the penguin eyes.So i cant take any penguin photo for you all.Oh...the penguin is cute!!So cute....haha
Thanks for reading!!
Hope you will like it.