Wednesday, 21 March 2012

3rd day in Beijing

3rd day in Beijing quite relaxing,we did not rush to anywhere.We were enjoying in the town of Beijing. Almost 11am we went to 'Yu He Yuan'.In the evening about 3pm we went to 'Xiu Shui Jie' where you can shop for your shirts,jacket,bags&many more.After shopping we went to 'Qian Men' for our dinner!!

Here the look for 3rd day in Beijing...

                                                          Jacket : g.u (from Japan)
                                                          Jeans  : Chorus Jeans
                                                          Shoes : Timberland
                                                          Bag    : Next Door (from Japan)

We took a photo of our new boots in front of the 'Qian Men'!! the look of 3rd day in Beijing.Haha...actually i forgot to took photo at de 'Xiu Shui Jie' leh because i just remember shopping only la.

Stay tuned for my next post ya!!!

Natalie Coco:)


  1. Such a great post, I really like it, these pics are so nice!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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    1. Thanks look pretty.ya we can follow each others

  2. you look great! i'm a new follower!
    I hope you are going to visit my blog:)