Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Australia Day 4

We are still in Sydney.The 4th day in Aus,we went to Taronga Zoo!!Taronga Zoo is just same as Malaysia Zoo nothing special but the different is Taronga Zoo have kangaroo,koala,tree kangaroo....(can't remember)hehe....here's the photos.

Outfit of the day!

We went to Taronga Zoo by boat!!
Welcome to Taronga Zoo...

We went to watch de seal show.It's was great!!Awesome...

Cute right??

After came back from the zoo,we went to night market at chinatown.Thanks Charlene for telling me that there is a night market on friday.Sydney night market is not as big&cheap as Malaysia night market!!But the food there was scrumptious&tasty!!Love it.
Thanks for reading.
Natalie Coco
Happy New Year!!

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