Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Australia Day2&3

During the 2nd day in Aus,we went to Sydney&it's just take about 1hr45mins to reach by plane.During the 2nd day,I fell sick&just took 1 picture only&it's very ugly but never mind i'll upload.Haha...After reached at Sydney we went to chinatown for dinner.I just ate a big bowl of white porridge!!Sad :(

Omg...my face....arh.....
Day 3(Sydney)
Haha...the 3rd day in Aus i'm fully recovered!!Yeah... After breakfast,we went to Opera House& Habour Bridge.Oh...it's really beautiful....I love it so much.

 Do you know why my hair was damn freaking messy??haha...because the wind was damn freaking strong.

Later we went to Sydney Fish Market to eat our lunch.You can order what seafood you like & they will immediately cook for you or you can eat like Japanese style sashimi.Sounds great right??haha...

Look delicious right??
After lunch we went to factory outlet for shopping.X'mas is around the corner,so almost every shop have CRAZY SALES!!I'm extremly excited about it&of course i bought lots of shirts!!haha...We ate our dinner at Habourside& it's near to our hotel.

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Natalie Coco
Happy New Year!!

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