Thursday, 3 January 2013

Australia Day 6

This was my last day in Sydney.We are going back to Melbourne.Our plane back to Melbourne is about 3 something in the evening.Early in the morning,we decided go to The Rocks&Bondi Beach. Let see the photos....

The Rocks!!
We went to The Rocks Market!!Everything is MADE IN AUSTRALIA & handmade.The price is expensive but you can have a look at there.
 Haha...why Opera house&Habour bridge again??Because The Rocks is near the Opera&Habour Bridge.So we took photos again with different outfit!!Haha...
Outfit of the day

 This is BONDI BEACH!!Damn freaking crowded la there.Actually Bondi beach is a naked beach,but if we want to see naked people we need to go to the private beach but this is a public beach.Oh so sad right cant see naked??Haha...but you also will see some of them at the public beach!
 Here's the only photo i took at Bondi beach. :(( so sad & this photo is taken by my father not my photographer----my brother!!So the quality is not so good.Hehe...but still ok la.
Thanks for reading.
Natalie Coco

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